Mais um teste biruta

Este eu achei na Laura: Que poeta você é? Como eu não resisto a essas coisas fui lá e descobri que eu sou não UM poeta, mas DOIS -- que, aliás, não têm nada a ver um com o outro! Isso, explica o site, deve-se ao fato de as minhas características estarem igualmente divididas entre as características lá deles. Então tá, né?

You are William Shakespeare

You have a certain eloquence and stoicism about you that is juxtaposed at times with a most peculiar sense of humor. Your world is orderly and simultaneously romantic. You are able to note beauty in the old and the new. Just keep in mind that passion and order are often at opposite ends of the spectrum.

You are Robert Frost

You've had your fair share of acclaim and criticism. You have the desire to share your thoughts and knowledge with others. You view life as a challenge that you are prepared for! Nature inspires you.

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